Vithu Sel

Jul 28, 2013
Hi Guys,

I have a fairly new Dell XPS 15 9550 that i got a few weeks ago. Decided to run a few benchmarks to see how high the temps go since ive been reading a lot of reports about overheating. I ran Furbench and Prime 95 at the same time. Keeping in mind i have a laptop cooler underneat the device the temps still reached 98oc prior to the screen blanking out. Seeing how new this laptop is i wouldnt expect this to be happening yet. Should i contact Dell support or should i consider just replacing the thermal paste and adding a few thermal pads to the VRAM. All help appreciated.

Just to add. I was under the impression that these laptops had samsung Nvme SSD's but my one has a random toshiba drive which brings up no info when i look up the model number and HW monitor does not show GPU temps only CPU.