A laptop for studies (programming, gaming, multimedia stuff)


Aug 21, 2014
Hello there,

Firstly, sorry for poor English.

I know that there are tons of threads about choosing the computer, but I need one more, , cuz I am lost, very hard to choose.

I need laptop for studies, and it must be the best of the bests for very good price.

What I want:
- max weight - 2kg. But having in mind, that I am just a tiny little girl, ~1,5kg would be more perfect.
- very good perfomance
- good graphics, real colours
- the longer battery life better
- and the price should not be above 700 euros. (Although, you can suggest the ones which are above, if they are really worth that amount of money)
- Computer should function properly (like new) at least for 4 years if possible.

What should also be good:
- matte screeen, I don't like those glossy ones.
- And I don't remember anything more what is important by now.

I will be very thankful for your help :)



Aug 21, 2014
Well, I am photographing, plus I want to start doing videos (my old home computer was not good enough for video programs).

Second thing - programming.

Third - games. My old computer also did not run them, just didn't, i need revenge. :-D

I can't explain you more fluently that. Just suggest what you know is good. With at least 4gb ram, i5 or i7 (i guess, tell me if I am wrong at this) procesor, at least 500gb memory, long battery life, durability, good screen and good price.

Btw, i prefer Asus, dell or Lenovo. Or somht else, but I don't trust hp.



the problem is that 700eurs, long battery life, good for gaming and 2kg mass or less, well... As I stated earlier, if we knew how heavy gaming we're talking about, we could either provide a solution or simply tell you it's not possible. Don't expect to play watch dogs at ultra with a 700eurs laptop, 800$ can buy an R9-m270, 1000$-1200$ can buy a gtx 860m, 1200$-1800$ a 870m and 1700-inf an 880m (or double 860s 870s 880s, etc). I belive last time I saw eurs to usd conversion they were about 1.33$ and so 700eurs should be 700eurs*1.33$/1eur=931$

I understand you want good battery life, gaming perfomance, 2kg mass or less, and pay ~700eurs ~931$. I think an 860m MAXWELL architecture + optimus technology can easily overcome your gaming needs plus battery life. We've to cover price and mass, if you don't mind about a CD-ROM we can remove that from your new system and it should (depending on other components and case) weigh 5lib ~2,5kg. I don't think you mind 500g more. Now there's price which you aren't very far from if I am being honest and then going to pick a model that is available in your country from the brand you want (I asusme you are not from the USA as you'll be paying with EURS)

update: I'm pretty sure these should fit the battery-life, budget and weigh you asked, I am not sure if an 860m is what you're looking for but that's the best you can get at this price point
http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/y-series/y40/ r9 m270 4,9lb 749$
http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/y-series/y50/ 860m 5,3lb 1099$
both should have good battery life, good gaming perfomance, light, pretty thin, and small screens (14'' and 15,6'' respectively)

I couldn't find anything that would suit your requeriments on dell nor asus.
you can also check out MSI, Sager and some models at http://www.xoticpc.com/ and http://www.sagernotebook.com/ but they are more about gaming than anything, they'll probably be heavy and have a so-so battery life

even another edit: watch some videos on youtube about the Lenovos, some people don't like their screens and you should be sure that you like it or not before making the purchase
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