A question for HDTV 1080p and XBOX HD DVD Player.


Apr 30, 2007
Hey, all. I am still semi-new to the HD DVD and HD DVD player areas.

I will be purchasing the Vizio 47" GV47LF, which is a 47 inch LCD HD set capable of 1080p at native resolutions.

I am currently an owner of an XBox 360, and I am confused if I can actually get true 1080p with the system. I was under the impression that it was not possible without the HDMI cable input, but then I saw that XBox 360 had a VGA cable.

With the VGA cable will I be able to have true 1080p resolution on my tv with not only games, but also the external XBox 360 HD DVD player addon?


Apr 13, 2007
Component cannot do 1080p. Either way, I have read many reports form people who claim that their Xbox360 is displaying 1080p on their TV through component(it is probably just up-conversion by the TV).

Component is not truly capable of 1080p because the total bandwidth of component cables is not enough to fully output 1080p. This, I what I have read everywhere from the spec sheets of component to cables, first had experience and all the way down to manufacturer statements. I personally cannot get 1080p content out of component cable on either my PS3 or up-converting DVD player.

Once again, I state that there are many reports from Xbox360 users all over the net saying they get 1080p from their component cable. I have not seen this in person though. So obviously, I am skeptical of their claims. As far as the Xbox360 HD-DVD player goes, it has HDMI out so your HD-DVD movies will at least get 1080p if you opt for the HD-DVD player add-on it has.(I would just suggest going with a separate Blu-Ray player or aPS3 to play Blu-Ray movies, but that is just my preference. And only because I am nut for Uncompressed audio :lol: ).

Now for the VGA output that it has. VGA can go even higher then 1080p as a standard. An easy example is with computers. Many VGA monitors can do well over 1920x1080 resolution(1080p). The big difference is that it is an analog signal so if you have HDCP video going though your system it will not display at the 1080p, an HDMI cable is required for HDCP content.

I hope this helps you out to understand what you are up against. I am sorry that my knowledge about Xbox360's 1080p capabilities is not as vast as other areas in this respect. Good luck in your endeavor for HD. I know i am enjoying my HD experience.
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