Acer Aspire 5532 - keyboard not working properly


Jan 5, 2012
Help! My 4 yr old was playing on my mom's Acer Aspire 5532 and now the keyboard is messed up! It will only type if you hold the key down (one by one) until you hear a click sound. The on-screen keyboard works but is annoying to use continually. Any help is much appreciated!
Hello utopianlass76;

Sounds like one of the Accessibility/Ease of Access options got turned on by accident.

In the Start Menu, at the bottom type in keyboard
and in the options that show up in the Control Panel section choose: Change how the keyboard works.
Look at the Filter Keys option. Is it checked ON? If so, that's probably the cause of your problem.
I think if you uncheck Filter Keys your keyboard will go back to normal.
Not till you try a reboot first.
Did you use the Apply button when you unchecked it? Check it after the reboot.
I still think it was the Filter Keys. When I tested them - it gave exactly the same effect you mention as the problem.