Acer Aspire 5552 Blank Screen after Windows logo


Sep 9, 2015
My mom called me with this laptop issue and I finally picked it up and looked at it.

When I turn on the computer, everything looks right (e.g. the book up screen, the windows 7 logo). But after the windows 7 logo and at the login screen, the laptop screen goes blank. When I hook an HDMI cable to my TV, I see the screen perfectly fine. I am able to log in. When setting the screen settings to duplicate, my laptop screen is blank but the TV screen is normal. When trying to display to monitor 1 only (laptop screen), it's blank.

After that, I tried booting into Win 7 safe mode and it is blank.

And the weird part, when I pop in an old unbuntu CD, it goes to the boot logo and goes blank...

When going into the bios, the first tab, everythings looks normal, but when i change to another bios tab, the screen flickers a lot.

So I think this is a hardware issue? But if it is a hardware issue, I expect it to be always blank and not after the win 7 logo. Does anyone have any thoughts on what is wrong?

I am trying to find the recovery CDs to do a reinstall to see if that works. The laptop win 7 sticker was rubbed off over the years. I am wondering if I can use the Win 7 ISO posted on the Microsoft site and it would detect the win 7 serial number that is programmed into the bios.

The fact that it's also acting up inside BIOS it's already an indication that it's a hardware problem. I figure that it won't make any difference when you do a factory reset with it. Before you proceed with the factory reset I suggest to open the laptop first and clean it and reapply a new thermal paste on the CPU and graphics card. Next is to install the latest driver that can be found in Acer support site including a BIOS update before you proceed with the factory reset.