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  1. lejan

    Solved! My Windows 10 Computer/Laptop has a blank screen, what to do?

    I let the Windows 11 update install on my Windows 10 while I was sleeping, and when I woke up the screen was just blank. The charger light is on, and 1 of the 2 lights on the side turn on. The light for power turns on but the one (three circles on top of each other) for computer hardware(?)...
  2. M

    Solved! Sony VAIO Laptop SVF15218SNW boots for few seconds, but then immediately switches off

    I have Sony VAIO Laptop Model SVF15218SNW. The problem is that sometimes the laptop boots and functions normally and sometimes it doesn't boot at all. From the last few days, the laptop when powered up boots for 2-3 seconds and then instantly switches off with a clicking sound probably coming...
  3. K

    Question Thomson Android TV, blank screen after boot

    Hello guys, I'm looking for some advice. In the morning I turned my TV (Thomson 65UC6406) on as usually, and it greeted me with a blank screen. Actually the Thomson logo shows up the Android logo shows up it goes blank but the playback starts (I can hear the sound) I'm not sure if it is...
  4. A

    Question Screen goes black for a second after turning on

    Hi, I know there's similar issues being posted earlier, but I couldn't find the solution to mine specifically. I'm using ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR III (G531GV-DB76) 15.6" 240Hz (3ms) Full HD IPS-Level (100% sRGB) Gaming Laptop w / RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 (Core i7-9750H) Ref...
  5. H

    Question Vizio TV Blank Screen has stable 5v standby pin BUT 12v pins all read 19v

    The TV is a Vizio D55U-D1. The screen will not come on, but the white LED indicator does come on. It lights up, fades, sometimes blinks, and eventually turns off. It also sometimes comes back on after a few minutes. The screen always remains blank. I have tested several things inside the TV with...
  6. mfenton27

    Solved! toshiba satellite a665-s5170 stuck on blank screen with top left cursor after bios screen

    I have just got this toshiba laptop satellite a665-s5170 working with windows 7 home premium and then downloaded (which i thought was the proper bios screen) bios from toshiba website ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.10 for...
  7. J

    MSI AE2220 not booting, only power LED and fans 100%

    Hello, I'm posting this in "Laptop Tech Support" because this AIO is basically a huge laptop. My All In One MSI AE2220 stopped working a few days ago. When I turn it on the fan goes to full speed and the power LED is lit. The CPU, GPU and RAM get a bit warm, but there's nothing on screen. When I...
  8. R

    How to fix an Asus UX305 that has blank screen but it still powering up?

    I just bought my Asus Zenbook UX305 for just a year and now it's starting to have blank screen everytime I try to boot it. The power button is on but the screen stays blank, nothing comes up even the cursor.
  9. G

    Asus Gaming Laptop, Display not working external and internal have a question regarding this appreciate any help!

    So I am pretty fluent in repairing laptops as I used to work for a company that got all the student/teacher's broken laptops and we would have to fix them, mostly dell and HP , but some other brands, so I know how to run on board diagnostics etc, but without a display obviously cant run diag so...
  10. V

    My laptop's screen is blank, yesterday it was good, Please suggest me what to do

    Last day my laptop is working fine but now when i switched on my laptop, it shows blank screen. I have already remove battery and restart it again but facing the same issue. Please let me know the solution.
  11. W

    Acer Aspire 8920g - Screen goes blank but only in normal mode

    Hello all This is a bit of a strange one and im not sure if its a problem with the screen or something to do with the settings on this laptop. Basically it would lose the time and date everytime i shut it down, so i replaced the CMOS battery and that resolved that issue. However, as soon as i...
  12. E

    Packardbell enme69bmp goes to blankscreen after logo

    hey, I'm in desperate need of help here. I have a Packardbell enme69bmp notebook - there's was no problem, I shutdown as normal and when I tried to put it back on all it doesn't is load the Packardbell logo and then goto a blankscreen. the cursor is there and the keyboard works but the screen is...
  13. T

    HP pavillion DV6 model:dv6-2112sa

    i recently brought this hp laptop with a broken screen, ive replaced the screen and checked all ports on motherboard to make sure everything is properly connected but the screen is still showing blank, the laptop itself boots up absolutely fine, if anyone could help it would be appreciated thanks
  14. A

    laptop doesnt turn on

    I have lenovo z500, my laptop turns on properly but once i put the password i dont see my start up screen, it is completely blank and the eset nod antivirus notifies that fail to start the proxy server.
  15. F

    Screen goes blank right before login screen

    Hi,yesterday my laptop gave me the error"display driver stopped working but has recovered" twice last night and this morning something weird has been happening, whenever I turn it on it boots, shows the windows logo but right before the login screen the screen just dies, ie, zero image,not even...
  16. Div0ne

    Lenovo U430p display goes completely dark when I unplug A/C

    Hi there, my laptop is only ten days old and I started experiencing this issue around a week ago. I'm running Windows 8.1 (Ugh). Whenever I unplug my laptop the screen goes dark but the backlight is still on. Absolutely no combination of keyboard keys will rouse it from this state apart from...
  17. B

    Zenbook Startup Blank

    I just bought the Core-M ASUS Zenbook UX305FA through Amazon. It arrived today and I was very excited to turn it on and get to work. However, when I turn it on, the screen is almost black, but for a gray hazy border around the screen. I charged the computer for an hour before turning it on...
  18. M

    Acer Aspire 5552 Blank Screen after Windows logo

    My mom called me with this laptop issue and I finally picked it up and looked at it. When I turn on the computer, everything looks right (e.g. the book up screen, the windows 7 logo). But after the windows 7 logo and at the login screen, the laptop screen goes blank. When I hook an HDMI cable...
  19. M

    Toshiba SatPro not booting up.

    Hey Guys, I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Pro L50 about two months ago brand new. It is a great machine for what I needed, it worked perfectly until a couple of days ago... I was writing my essay and the screen suddenly went black, I thought that that was quite normal seeing as the...
  20. S

    My new Sony vaio won't turn on

    I bought a sony vaio fit 15e and had never used it before. I turned it on and the keys lit up for about 10 seconds, the on light lit up, the charge light lit up for about 30 minuets and so did the number lock light for a while but for an hour and a half the screen was pitch black, wouldn't turn...
  21. J

    Blank Screen on Toshiba!

    I had a liquid spill on my laptop overnight and it was plugged in on sleep mode. After that i had a blank screen but system sounded like it was running. Tried several things with no luck so i assumed the motherboard was fried. I bought a new motherboard and installed it last night, system turns...