Acer Aspire E 15 keeps getting different BSOD errors

Oct 3, 2018

For several months now, my Acer Aspire E 15 has had random BSOD errors. One says IRQL_not_less_than_or_equal, another is memory_management, and I don't even remember the 3rd (something about the computer thinks there's supposed to be something there that isn't). One I guess is faulty drivers, and the other is faulty memory. However, EVERY solution I try doesn't work. These errors are infrequent (maybe once a week), but still very annoying, as this is my work laptop.
All of my drivers are considered up to date, windows is up to date, the other tests all say there's nothing wrong (I did some memory ones recently), I don't have viruses.. so, why could my laptop be giving me these errors, and how do I fix them? The absolute only thing I can think of is my RAM, which is not what came with the laptop, but is definitely compatible and supposed to be the one recommended for this laptop.

What can I do to fix these annoying random crashes?


Nov 4, 2012
put the windows diagnostic memory dump from c:\windows\minidump directory on to a cloud server like Microsoft onedrive, share the files for public access and post a link. someone with a windows debugger can take a quick look and see why windows shutdown with a bugcheck.