Question Games not running smooth & keyboard lighting not working any more after motherboard replacement

Feb 2, 2022

This is my first time posting here. Hopefully one of you can pull off a miracle.

I've had a Lenovo Legion Y740 15-inch laptop for about 2 years now. In such time i've had to send it back for faulty keyboard keys and more recently for a dodgy graphics card. The returned laptop had a new motherboard and I assume a new graphics card.

Since I've gotten it back, I reinstalled all the relevant drivers through GeForce and also through Lenovo, so I'm positive theyre up to date. However, the iCUE app on the laptop cannot detect the keyboard so the RGB lighting doesnt work, and also my games (mainly CSGO and Rocket League) are running very slow. The internet is excellent, so I know thats not a problem, it just feels a bit framey and there appears to be an input delay. Interestingly it does not occur as much when I'm playing locally on my own, but even adding bots makes the game unplayable. I never had these issues before.

Any help to one or both issues would be greatly appreciated!