Acer Aspire v3-772g Gaming random FPS drops


Dec 27, 2013
My laptop has been getting fps drops on several games alot for some time now close to 1 year by now but its getting worse and worse right now. These games include: League of Legends, Terraria, Osu, CS:GO and skyforge.

My specs are:
CPU: Intel core i5-4200M 2.5ghz to 3.1 ghz
GPU: Integrated graphics card - Intel HD Graphics 5600 and Dedicated Nvidia Geforce GT 750m

There could be a possibilty that it is overheating but im unsure how to even clean my laptop from the inside without ruining it.

I tried putting every setting lower on the listed games but the result stays the same with the random fps drops. I even for example put very low on League of Legends and still had random fps drops and on very high i can achieve 120 fps and get a random drop to 15-30. Its really bothersome with the games where u need to focus (osu, LoL) where by i cant target or aim bcs of this fps drop problem.

Thank you reading and i hope there will be a solution.

It might be worth getting a can of compressed air to remove built up dust from the fans (both intake & exhaust).

There would likely be a YouTube video detailing the disassembly, which would be the route I would suggest.
Once you can access the fans, blow the air from the inside-out.

I have heard recommendations to blow the compressed air at the exhaust fan while the laptop is assembled and running - the logic being it'll dislodge most of the dust and will immediately be sucked out of the laptop. *I have never used this method though, so cannot comment on safety or effectiveness*

Use short blasts of compressed air. Don't hold it down spraying for any duration (and hold it upright at all times when spraying).

You might also want to monitor your temperatures and see if that's what is causing the issue. It's probable if your CPU is reaching max temps then it's being throttled to avoid damage.


Dec 27, 2013

I see will have to see what u meant with intake and exhaust but i think if i just get compressed air and follow a tutorial that i should be fine? Will try this if i can get my hands on compressed air. I dont know if my dad will support this and prob will be saying that i might need to bring it to a computer store to let i get checked what is a total waste of money if u ask me. Thank you and i will be searching for a tutorial. I've found several videos regarding using a vacuum cleaner but i heard too that this can be dangerous. I've found this video: Is this a good one or should i get a more updated one
Entirely depends whether you want to open it up or not. No sense taking it to be looked it if you can try something harmless first.

Compressed air, without opening the laptop up is harmless (it's harmless as far as the air goes even if you do open up the laptop - what can cause harm is damaging the internal components - static or otherwise).

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to 'suck' out air. That can cause damage. Use a can of compressed air only.
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