Solved! Acer Aspire VX slow, screen flashing black

Feb 29, 2020
Model is VX5-591G-58S3
I just bought this laptop used. I used windows recovery tool delete everything after I purchased it just to be safe. I noticed it was slow right away, takes a while to boot up, freezes for a few seconds at a time when using, and will inevitably go into a black screen flashing pattern. It does it every time I try to use it, usually only a few minutes after booting. If it hit ctrl alt delete the flashing is not still present, but resumes when I go back to desktop. Laptop is basically unusable at this point.

At this point all I have installed in Steam, GOG, and firefox.

The image below is an error I've seen pop up, not sure if its the cause or related.

Suggestions welcome, thanks.
It may not be too late simply to create a new User Account then restart and log in using that account. Go back to Control Panel>User Accounts and delete the previous owner's account, removing all the files.