Acer Laptop Crashed. Expected to wait 10+ days to get a replacement

Aug 6, 2018
Yesterday my Acer Spin 7 laptop went to a blue screen and crashed. When the computer rebooted the screen went to no bootable device. I tried all the possible solutions I could find but none of them worked. I took the computer to a technician today and they discovered the SSD to be completely shot. The laptop was purchased in November of last year so well under warranty. I just got off the phone with Acer and they were not much help, they said it will take 10+ days just to process the claim and get the laptop let alone fix it and ship it back. The problem is I run my business off this laptop so I cannot afford to wait that long. Now I am faced with buying an SSD and windows license or purchasing a new laptop all together. Is there no way to be compensated for all of this? It seems ridiculous that my SSD crashed in 9 months of use and now I have to pay hundreds to fix it. Surely this should be on the company

Any insight would be greatly appreciated


Dec 16, 2016
In this situation, its just really unfortunate. the SSD broke, okay you can go through warrenty which would fix the laptop FOC. (free of charge)
but the wait, there's not really anything you can do about that but moan a whole lot at them.
In terms of fixing the laptop externally, yoiu would have to pay for another SSD and a rebuild. NOT a new license due to the windows 10 (im gussing) license being stored on the system board. But if within warranty and you didnt drop the laptop a shot SSD will definitely be under warrenty, no whether that data is recoverable, the"technicians" would have to diagnose that for you.
Consumer laptop warranty is just that - you send your equipment to a service centre, they diagnose it, fix it, return it back. If you want "next day service" - buy a business laptop with "next day service" warranty. Yes, it's more expensive, but you have business to run.

If I was you - new SSD does not cost "hundrets", you can get 256gb for under $100. Decide for yourselves whether you can run your business on another system for 10 days.
Next time, if u need same day up time, u need to plan for Disaster Recovery, not wait until you got a problem. No consumer product, by default, free of charge, promise to make you whole in 1 day. When you buy something, there is always some fine prints that limits vendor liability, and when you signed the dotted like, it means you read it, right. If u run a business, you already knew that.
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