Acer laptop says no bootable device


Nov 17, 2015
While surfing the Internet screen went black and it says no bootable device. I checked bios and everything looked alright. A guide said try changing to legacy mode but that didn't help at all either. I'm stuck. I'll include a link to a picture


The error that you're getting might be caused by a bad HDD. Please do try these troubleshooting steps to help pin point that it's a HDD problem.
- Start by loading BIOS into it's default.
- While in BIOS press F9 and it should restore it to it's default.
- If it still gets stuck on that error turn the laptop off and remove the HDD.
- Boot the laptop without the HDD and see if you'll get a different error.
- If does get pass that error and gave you a Insert Boot Device error put the without the HDD, then it's your culprit.