Question Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52-54AM keyboard stopped working, probable water damage, help fixing it.


Mar 30, 2015
70% alcohol on a cloth was used to clean my laptop keyboard, after powering it on the keyboard wasn't working anymore(it was working fine before powering it off to clean it) everything else works fine and I'm using an external keyboard currently.

the keyboard backlights still work, but they are always on(they used to turn off after a while of not typing).
The power button is the only key working.
This happened 2 days ago.
I tried starting in safe mode and reinstalling driver to make sure it wasn't a software issue.
I also tried leaving it on the drier for 15 minutes and putting it upside down and tapping to remove debris.

What exactly broke?
Is it still worth it to try drying the laptop somehow?
Is it feasible to replace the keyboard on my own?
I saw the carcass with keyboard on sale for a model similar to mine(An515-51-50u2 Nki151306f) , is it compatible?: Product Link
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Jul 7, 2020
You said "water damage" but said the problem was caused by cleaning with alcohol (indeed what you used was 30% water). Can you describe exactly what you did? Did you spill liquid into the keyboard, used dripping cloths, what??? I usually use alcohol wipes on mine and just gently wipe. Do you see anything on the display? Does the machine work with an external keyboard? SW is not going to be the issue.


Mar 30, 2015
I asked my mother to clean the screen, she applied 70% alcohol in a cloth and wiped the keyboard too, according to her the cloth might have already been a bit wet and she was not gentle, the laptop is working fine except for the keyboard, an external keyboard works and its what im currently using.

I put probable water damage on the title because i am aware the 30% water content causing water damage is likely the general culprit, but im not sure if water getting under the membrane keyboard that can be evaporated is still a possibility or something shorted when i turned on.

Also i updated the original question for clarity.
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