ACER Nitro new SSD cloned from HDD not automatically booting


May 28, 2016
I recently purchased an 'Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-792U' I also purchased a 'Crucial MX200 M.2 Type 2280SS (Single Sided) 250GB SATA 6Gbps (SATA III) Micron 16nm MLC NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) CT250MX200SSD4'
I installed the SSD and proceeded to clone the Win 10 install from the HDD to the SSD, all went according to plan. So, after booting off the SSD install I proceeded to format the HDD. However, after restarting the system it automatically started system repair tools, I assumed it was because it was still attempting to boot off of the HDD. So I enter BIOS and change the boot order placing the SSD above the HDD, the system still continues to attempt to boot off the HDD. I can manually boot from the SSD using f12 and it's still working fine, it's just annoying that I have to do it after every restart. Any ideas why it's doing this?
(I have the latest BIOS available for this device)
This might help.


What happens if you remove the secondary disk? Does it work OK then? You said you formatted the drive after you did the clone< but it shows a recovery partition and a reserved partition, which shows you did not format the drive. Or did you only format the single partition?