Question Acer spin 5 not charging or turning on

Mar 15, 2020
My Acer spin 5 is not turning on or charging when plugged in. Fairly certain initially the issue was with the DC jack (loose inside) but now a repair shop has replaced the jack and the charger and there are still issues.
I've had to take it back in twice at this stage because it has stopped working again. All they've done each time is reconnected the dc jack to the battery I believe. It has then worked again, most recently for almost a month, and then the same issue has occurred, so now I'm looking at taking it back for the third time. Does anyone have any advice on what the issue could be or what my next step should be? I need to get this sorted permanently as I really need my laptop for uni.
There is no charging light at all, and doing a battery reset doesn't solve anything
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