Question Adapting home network for POE devices


Jul 8, 2019
I currently have an Bell provided Sagecom Fast 5250 router and want to add several POE cams and use an adapter so that I can temporarily move my office to the basement (router will remain upstairs on the 3rd floor) for my desktop as it has only ever worked well via ethernet cable. Will I be able to attach a POE switch directly to this router or will I have to set up a secondary router or switch internet providers? Every time I call Bell I end up more confused and they keep trying to sell me their boosters which I don't think will help with my problem. Rogers at least told me that if I switched I would get one of two routers most likely: Arris TG 3482NG or a Technicolor CGM4140COM. Would either of these make it simpler to set up my network? Obvious tech incompetent here. My internet is shaky at best getting about 38 mbs download and just over 1 mbs upload. Would switch but I've gotten comfortable with their TV app which is installed on Firesticks. Other providers make you use their boxes but it's not a deal breaker.