Advice on Computer Speakers Please?


May 20, 2005

I'm looking for advice on a new set of speakers for my desktop computer. I'm currently using Creative Labs Gigaworks T20 Series I, which I've enjoyed very much with their clarity, volume, and bass. But they're getting ratty and I'm looking for an upgrade. I tried the T40s, but they distort horribly whenever my internal sound card is set above 50% volume, something that's never been a problem for the T20s.

I use my PC for 75% gaming, 15% music listening, and 10% music production (hobby). My sound card is just the motherboard's internal Realtek. It does have optical out and a software equalizer. I'd prefer a 2.0 system, but might consider a 2.1 system. However, as I have small kids I can't blow the roof off in the evening playing Witcher 3 or Rocksmith 2014. It would be ideal for the system to have an Aux in (for my audio interface), Headphone in, and easily accessible volume control. I'd rather keep the price around £100, but would be willing to stretch to £150+ if the system was worth it with unquestionable quality.

I've found these systems, but would love to know what people think of them. They are all very different, so I've haven't found a head-to-head comparison review of them.

Bose Companion 20
Pros: Bose quality(?), good bass, good inputs. Cons: Bose quality(?), price.

Mackie CR4
Pros: Affordable, quality, good inputs. Cons: Lack of bass(?), Flat response(?), style.
Honestly, I have Razer products already, so the green rings are probably fine. I'm mostly concerned about the flat response and whether it will just sound too bland for normal gaming and music listening. If it had bass levels similar to the Creative T20s, that would be fine for me.

Razer Levithan
Pros: Good sound, small desktop footprint, plenty of bass. Cons: Auto shutoff, 2.1 system, no headphone input, poor quality aux in input(?).
This might be the only 2.1 system I'd consider. However, I'm concerned about the build quality and the auto shutoff. At least the Bose let's you disable that.

The Gigaworks T40s are out due to quality issues mentioned above. I've considered the AudioEngine A2+, but after you buy them plus the speaker risers your budget is about £200 and everybody says the A5s are better, so why blow all that money to have a mediocre system? The M-Audio AV40/AV42 have quality issues as users report them breaking within a year or two. So, I've considered many other systems, but the reviews and user opinions have swayed me away.

TL/DR: Which is the better speaker system for gaming and music: Bose Companion 20, Mackie CR4, or Razer Levithan?



Mar 28, 2010
Don't confuse flat response with non-lively/bland. Flat response simply means that as you do a frequency sweep at the same voltage it plays at a consistent loudness within a certain band, which is preferred.

Out of the ones you listed, I'd probably go for the the Mackies and get a sub for them later.

Usually in that price range I recommend the Swan/HiVi M10's, but they're really tough to find on your side of the pond. You could try Item Audio and see if they could get a set for you.



Nov 2, 2015
I have a hi fi amp and 2 medium size bookshelf speakers, both 20 years old, that I bought off Ebay.
They sound far, far better than any computer speakers
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