Advice on which of these laptops for moderate gaming and photoshop


Jul 7, 2014
Looking to buy a new laptop. £900-1000 is budget (its taken me 3 months of overtime to save up so I`m keen to make the best decision possible for me)

I play some games, Watchdogs, and will be getting sims4 and dragonage inquisition when they come out so want to be able to play on decent resolution for these games in the future.

tbh I love the spec of PC Specialist Optimus V which is £852 - 1920x1080 17.3 screen, Intel i7 2.5Ghz 4710, 8GB DDR3 RAM, nvidia 860m 2Gb DDR5, 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD 5400rpm, DVD rewriter. Fits my budget nicely and spec is really more than I can expect, however its nearly 2 inches thick and a concrete block, it also looks really plain rather like a concrete block. Ive not seen an MSI gaming computer or ASUS and wonder if sacrificing a little spec for a laptop built for high end gaming in mind would be better.

The Asus G750JM - 17.3inch 1920x1080, Intel i7 2.4Ghz 4700, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB HDD 5400rpm, NVidia 860m 2Gb, DVD drive - is £949 and although seems lower on spec defo looks the part with better speaker and wifi card and a more gamer looking keyboard and chassis.

How much difference would a 5400rpm drive be to the modest SSD on Optimus for photoshop and games? Would the asus actually perform better as its presumably all asus parts rather than a mishmash of various manufacturers from pcspecialist?

My other option Ive noted is MSI GE60 at £870 its 1920 x 1080 15.6 inch display, i7 2.4Ghz 4700, 8GB Ram, NVidia 850m 2Gb graphics, 750GB 7200rpm HDD, dvd drive. Again made with better speakers trackpad etc for gamers. Is the 1.5inch difference in screen size that noticible, it would be handier for carrying about and using on the go, and I wonder if as your only 1-2 foot away from the screen size difference that noticible?

The final option I noted was MSI GX70 which seems the most power house gaming computer I can get for my money at £899, 17.3 1920x1080 screen, AMD A10 processor 2.5Ghz quad core, 8GB RAM, Radeon R9-M290X 2Gb graphics care, 128GB SSD and 750 HDD

I read the i7 wins on processor but the graphics cards compares to NVidia 870m when I looked into benchmarks. Would people recommend going AMD and would photoshop be ok with this processor?

Wow, thanks for reading and digesting all that, some thought would be really appreciated as Im keen not to regret my purchase. (I do like buttons and lights and fancy looking laptops but don't want to be distracted by fancy small things and miss the big picture!)
Hopefully even if you can help, it might help people comparing £900-1000 gaming laptops!




Mar 28, 2013
What about this one -
MSI GS60 Ghost
Has 870M 3Gb
For gaming - 870M > radeon 8970M > 860M
Still All the Laptops will give somewhat same performance for photoshop.
Try for the slimmest and lightest laptop, thats easy to carry and operate. Because all are gaming laptops.


Mar 28, 2013

Then just go for light weight and slim and cheap laptop. Anyone you like. Because all are gaming laptops and are capable of round about equal gaming and photoshop performance.
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