Aiwa Cassette Repair location


Mar 21, 2013
Obsolete?? So I guess all the nakamichi decks are also obsolete? Just throw them in the trash? The ADF990 will put down a test track and calculate the best record bias and playback equalization with the push of one button for the exact tape in the deck and then return to the beginning of the tape, ready to record. Can your deck do that?? Didn't think so. If you have a ADF990 and can get it fixed for less than $200 do it. I saw one one on ebay in perfect condition for $500.00. Repair tip; even though a local repair center no longer services Aiwa units does not mean that they did not in the past. If they will not take one in for repair does not mean that they do not have a tech that use to service aiwa. He may be willing to do the repair "one the side". Damn, now I have to find a garbage bag for my 10 "obsolete" turntables and 26 cartridges!! TNX for your time dx669, craig
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