AKG K7XX Right Speaker Not Working


Nov 2, 2016
Hello, I recently bought a pair of gently used AKG K7XX and have been enjoying them until today when they stopped producing sound to the right speaker.
I had them plugged into my DAC/amp Fiio EK10 and briefly switched my pc sound output to my bookshelf speakers. After a few minutes, I switched back to my AKGs and discovered they weren't emitting sound from the right speaker. Upon doing some light research I discovered that some people just have to simply re-solder a wire. I took the cover off the left ear cup and found 1 wire (white one) that looked different from the other two, specifically the color below the point of soldering. I don't have any soldering experience; do I need to re-solder, or did I blow the right speaker? Thanks for the help. http://imgur.com/a/jhjIA