Alienware has spille chicken broth!


Dec 4, 2014
So one day which is today i go and talk to friends on skype while eating chicken and drinking soup from a chicken broth then i accidently spilled it and fell on the table it did not reach keyboard,but it had reached below my computer and when i opened the part on the computer below i found chicken broth only on the sides of my computer's insides and then i used napkins to clean the chicken broth, but looks like everything else was fine,but my fan before i opened it the below piece of computer, the fan started blowing hard and the computer started beeping so thats when i closed my computer and checked the below piece by opening it.I also think the chicken broth that spilled got into the fan.I dont know why its beeping when i open the computer.Anyways later on i opened the computer it started up but paused on the starting windows screen.I feel like the parts are broken please tell me how to fix this.I was given this computer so i don't know what kind it is.