Solved! Amazon fire TV stick HDMI to DVI issues?

Jul 14, 2019
I'm trying to connect an amazon fire TV stick (which requires a TV with a HDMI port) to a TV with a DVI port only. I knew a regular HDMI to DVI connector would only carry picture and not audio, so I bought a HDMI to DVI video and audio converter (this one: But i'm not getting any picture or audio!

When I use a standard HDMI to DVI connector (like this: I get picture no problem (but obviously no audio).

What am I doing wrong? my current setup is this:

Fire TV stick into video converter box.
DVI to DVI cable from video converter box to TV.
AUX cable from video converter box to sound bar.


Could simply be a faulty converter. Try another one or another brand or test the converter with another HDMI source. Or get a TV with HDMI, if yours does not I am guessing it's pretty old, a new or used TV 32-40" size is pretty cheap. Probably as cheap as spending all the time buying and trying adapters.