AMD A10-5750m with Radeon 8970m(2GB) vs Intel i7-4700MQ with GTX 765M for 1080p gaming


Nov 6, 2013
I currently looking for a gaming laptop that can run games at 1080p and 60fps. I hoping that I can game with it for at least 3 years. Not sure why the 8970m only has 2GB in the seller's site instead of 4GB but it seems that it much more powerful compared to the GTX765 and even the GTX770. The drawback is that it comes with the A10 CPU which is weaker than the i7-4700MQ. The AMD combo is also about $50 more expensive.

I'm looking at 15.6" for screen size, 16GB RAM, and 120GB SSD with secondary HD.

I also considered an i7-4700MQ and GT 750M setup since I can save about $200 but I don't know if the GPU does 1080p gaming well.
The GT 750m is more suited for 1366x758 / 1600x900 if you want to push graphics quality as high as possible and still get good performance. I think the limit would be medium graphic quality for 1600x900 in graphically demanding games.

Benchmarks have shown that laptops will a stronger GPU and weaker CPU will still perform better than a laptop with a stronger CPU and weaker GPU. Therefore, for gaming purposes the laptop with the Radeon HSD 8970m is a no-brainer.