AMD A10 vs Intel i7 and GT650 vs HD7670


Sep 15, 2012
Hi, I am looking for a laptop for use in college and for gaming. My budget is around €/$750. I think I have already sorted out the best laptops for this price, the biggest differences between the laptops are CPU and GPU.
Here are the combinations with the laptops:
Option 1.
Toshiba Satellite L855-124
Intel i7 with a Radeon HD7670M 1GB

Option 2,
HP Pavilion g6 2051sd
AMD A10-4600M with a Radeon HD7670M (I assume also a 1GB version)

Option 3,
Medion Akoya P6815
Intel i7 with a GT650M 2GB GDDR3

They are all pretty much the same price, which laptop would give the best gameperformance? And is there a big difference between a GT650M 2GB GDDR3 and a HD7670M 1GB? Because I am reading the GDDR5 version of the GT650M is much better but is it the same for the GDDR3 version.



Apr 23, 2012
The 3rd choice would be the best.
Using this website as reference here, the GT 650M is way above the 7670M in power. It's just a GTX 660M downclocked a bit.

As for CPU choice, the i7 wins by a long way.