AMD A8-4500M laptop hotter when plugged in


Jan 13, 2014
HP Laptop:
Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
AMD A8-4500M
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7640G

I notice that my laptop's temperature is hotter when plugged in with the AC adapter, compared to when running on battery. The temperature when idle (in Celcius, measured by SpeedFan) is as below:

On battery:
Hard disk 35
CPU 38
GPU 36

Plugged in battery 94% and charged:
Hard disk 37
CPU 48
GPU 47

Plugged in battery 100% charged:
Hard disk 34
CPU 46-57 (goes up to 85 with Chrome browser on)
GPU 44-49 (goes up to 72 with Chrome browser on)

Playing Battlefield 4:
Hard disk 51
CPU 97
GPU 93

I have used pressed air to blow the cooling vents. Will dismantling the laptop to clean the internal fans/remove caked dust help?
How do I solve the higher temperature when plugged in?

Thank you


Jan 17, 2015
Hello buddy.

For sure you must clear your fans and the cooling system of your laptop. Do you use cooling pad for your Laptop? If not you should buy one (they are normal priced). About your heating issues:
1) When the laptop is pluged into charger he also change his mode from iconomy to high performance ( this is a stock options ). With this high (or normal) performance the laptop starts to burn more power. So... more power -> more heating.
2) Its normal when you play games like Battlefield your laptop (or personal station computer) to starts heating more. The problem is that your CPU and GPU are going to meld. Get yourself a cooling pad and fully reccomended to clean and recycle your cooling system!
3) Keep that laptop away from your bed or your legs (or any kind of not normal places.) Use it only on table!

p.s. i saw your temperature on battery / pluged in battery and i will sure you that they are normal! But the gaming temperature is bad. Clean that laptop asap :)



Jan 13, 2014
Thanks GeRgY.
I had a qualified person to open up my laptop and cleaned everything. But after that, the temperatures are still the same as in my first post - it is only good when unplugged but the CPU and GPU temperatures rises significantly once plugged in. While I understand that it is still natural to have these temperature rises while plugged in, I remember a year ago when the plugged in temperature is as low as the unplugged temperature. The concern is when running games like Battlefield 4, the temperature can hit as high as 99C, as opposed to around the high 80's-low 90's before.

I was thinking that the my new replacement 8800mAh battery is the culprit, but when I put back the old (but almost lifeless) original HP battery, the temperatures are still not as low as it is before. I even removed the battery altogether when plugged in but it is still higher than having the current battery put in and the laptop unplugged.

I used to have Windows 8 before and now Windows 8.1, but I don't think that is the reason(?).
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