Solved! AMD graphic card driver BSOD

Nov 6, 2018
My laptop has AMD Radeon HD 6520G. It is old but good enough for me to play my fav games.
Few days ago i thought it is good idea to reset the laptop at least once after buying it so i cleared my hard drives and installed windows7.
Problems came after installing graphic driver. First i installed amd- catalyst driver and then after reboot i got blue screen errors. It goes to welcome screen then blue screen. I tried several times . nothing is changed. Also i followed the guide from amd about making clean install and it didnt work
I googled and i found way to install the driver by using device manager. It worked no more blue screen but my laptop is super laggy. Now it tooks about 2 mins to open single picture and years to open games and videos.

Do you know possible reasons and ways to fix it
Uninstall the drivers from AMD, go to the laptop vendor support site and install all the drivers from there, chipset, AMD video, onboard video drivers, BIOS update if there is one.