ANDROID - wifi hotspot "finder" without a USB/pc/laptop requirement

Mary Reiff

Oct 9, 2014
Hi - I am an ANDROID user with a limited monthly data plan - I use my full 1GB within a week or so, and can't seem to justify doubling my monthly costs for the unlimited data plan - as it will slow down after 2.5Gb data use. What i want to do is buy the correct antenna so that the Stabucks, the McDonalds, and the Library wifi signals are available to me, but only seem to find those that require a USB connection, and sadly i don't own a laptop/PC. Ideally, i would like to simply plug something into the wall and voila!! All of the nearby hotspots will suddenly appear on my list of available wifi. Does anybody know of a product that exists in the world today for this specific use?? Again - i do not have a laptop/pc. So I am in need of a standalone solution that my android device(s) can communicate with. Any ideas on how i can get the job done without purchasing more than the equipment itself??