Any Good Temp. Monitoring Software?


May 23, 2010
Hey I just built my new gaming RIG and I need help with monitoring my Temps. I just had it running for 10 mins or so and my GPU was a little warm with all fans on high, my north and south bridge heat sink wasn't even warm and my tubes for them were a little bit warm, well going on to the question, what software can I download to monitor my GPU and CPU temps? and if possible are there any software for me to monitor the heat inside the case? Basically I just want a nice monitoring software that most of you guys use that is accurate, I don't want to over heat my system. Also if you could list some stress tests for my system that would be great thank you.

System specs :

MSI K9N2 SLI platinum Motherboard
Phenom II x 4 9650 @ 2.3GHz stock heatsink (4MB of l2 + l3 cache)
PNY 9800GTX+ 512MB (will be running them in SLI during the summer)
2 x 2GB geil ddr2 800Mhz
750GB seagate HDD
Liteon DVD - R / RW
hec X-Power Pro 650W

1 x 200mm "Big Boy" top exhaust fan
2 x 120mm front intake fans
1 x 120 rear exhaust fan
1 x side 120 intake fan
(antec 900 TWO case)

So yea thats what I'm running, also for you vets out there could you specify if my PSU will run 9800GTX+ (Single 6 Pin connector / each Card) in SLI?

Sorry for all the questions and rambling but I might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Again thank you

- Joey

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