Anyone know how HTC Vive determines the play area?


Jul 1, 2015

Recently got a HTC Vive. When I was setting up my play area, my room clearly meets the minimum requirements. However the Vive doesn't seeem to think so. The only way it works is if scan my whole room, however this includes the space that is occupied by my PC. My question is how exactly is it working out the space? Does it see the distance from your PC to the opposite side as the length or width? Reason I ask is because the distance from my pc to the opposite wall is just under 5.1ft. The other side measures at 6.4ft. So its clearly within the minimum requirements yet it tells me it isnt. I cant figure out what I am doing wrong here. Any help is much appreciated.
After scanning the outline of the play area, it shows a green rectangle, and as long as that rectangle fits in the area you scanned, you should be good to go.