Anyone know how I would connect a laptop to an external powered graphics card to a Dell laptop to support 4 Barco 3MP monitors?

Jul 16, 2019
Radiologists want to read studies from home. Need external powered graphics card to connect laptop to 4 Barco 3MP displays using display port . Dell Latitude 5820.


So first thing, I worked in a radiology department for years, unless the video card and displays are approved for use you can't just use any old card for this and pass an audit. Lighting has to be controlled for the screens with physical calibration done, the video cards have to be authorized for this use also. There are two types of radiology setups that I worked with, diagnostic and clinical, one was the big setups with specialized displays in the radiology reading rooms, and there were other stations that things were read in ER and Operating Rooms that had more flexibility.

Which setup are you trying to do?

Our doctors that wanted a setup were done with actual desktops and they got the same cards we used in the reading rooms.

Find out if your model laptop has a thunderbolt port. If not you will need something like a Matrox Display2Go That will run the displays, but again you need to make sure that is legal to do.