Anyone with Photoshop want to Help Me?


Aug 29, 2014
Hi everyone,

Anyone have Photoshop want to convert my video for me to GIF?
It's on my YouTube channel
Or you can use forcibly download my video manually, then you can convert it for me to re-upload for me to get like on a google drive shared link or something, I don't care. Spent 12 hours looking all over the WORLD lol.

-Online sites limit video to 50MB or up to 50 seconds or up to 250 frames
-Downloaded apps from everywhere imaginable either limit you til you buy full version or don't offer the ability to batch convert or video convert at all properly
-Windows 10 Command line is so screwed. I tried ImageMagick plus CMD as admin. to batch convert my extracted video of JPG to GIF and it black screens my PC requiring hard restart. No idea why (ie C:\ MyDirectoryHere\FolderHere> convert *jpg namehere.gif)

It's a 9621 frame video (5.5min). I can upload the raw pics if that's easier for you. You can resize the video down to 640 x 360 pixels for size management as it will be a huge GIF. I'd also recommend applying reductions to color quality and drop the frames per second to about 15 FPS. It's a 300MB video I need to be no more than 100MB :D

It's a video of me and buddy killing Path of Exile bosses to promote my marauder on the builds forum. I want to upload them and paste the image address into my build thread because it shows up so awesome, promoting my marauder's awesomeness :D

My character page is awesome but is gonna be way better! the GIF at the top I wanna replace with that video