Apple Vision Pro is missing the thing that made the iPhone a success


Sep 5, 2014
As usual, Apple has gimped a product into uselessness. In this case, they did it by not including a video input on a $3500 video display.

If the Vision Pro had a video input, it would have been immediately useful to gamers, drone operators, cinematographers, 3-D modelers and manufacturers... but instead it's a useless toy because Apple's fear of I/O.


Mar 26, 2009
You're making the same mistake Balmer did dismissing the iPhone as an expensive device no one wanted or needed.
There's a long way to go but the aim is to completely adapt your environment on the fly according to what you want to do as well as open entire new categories. Scifi provides some examples but it's more than that.
You want to watch a movie? You have the best movie screen at your disposal. This will enable a new type of movie. Volumetric movies. Look it up. It's already being tested. Holodeck style movies, concerts and such.
It allows focus when you need it. Mindfulness, work immersion and such in ways that were simply not possible before.
The VR traveling category is also gaining popularity. If you just can't go there it's useful.
Virtual encounters will also become much more relevant. With technological advancement most people will have a few devices like this. They will be much slimmer and much less awkward. It will augment your reality. And so much more

Devices like the Apple Vision Pro and by the way the Meta Quest 3 will eventually be as common as your tablet or monitor.
It won't replace smartphones due to technological constraints.. Those will first be "augmented" with AR glasses. A bit like a smartwatch integrates with your smartphone. Smart glasses I think will be a very big category. But when you need fidelity for in house.or in work environment the headset will be the equivalent of your tablet or tv screen..