Are the Beyerdynamic DT770's any good? Will they be an upgrade for me?


Aug 27, 2015
Wondering if the Beyerdynamic DT770's are any good. Right now I have the Astro a50's but I'm not happy. I'd be looking to sell them. Are the Beyerdynamic DT770's any good and would they be an upgrade? Yes I do game, however that is not my main priority and watching videos and listening to music is. Also, are there any headphones that are better than it at the same price? What is a nice amp I could get for it?
dt770 are very good headphones for the price. for closed headphones they are fairly big on soundstage. nice quality sound with v-shape (more treble and bass than mids). great comfort. if you are looking for a closed v-shaped can with sub-bass capabilities its a good pick. soundblaster z would be sufficient. schiit magni 2, o2 amp will work fine. perhaps even the fiio a3 would work. 80ohm is the bassiest while 250ohm is the most refined sounding.

dt990 is similar but open. dt880 is more neutral with less treble/bass peaking than the 770 or 990. premium versions are similar but overpriced and have a bit more airy sound, different build and less bass.

hd598 are good if you want neutral headphones which are easy listening. se version is good if you like black and hate beige. easy to drive.. any decent soundcard and some onboard can drive them fine.
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