Ascer Aspire shutting down

Feb 24, 2018
I have bought a used Acer Aspire V3-571G with i7-3632QM CPU, 1x8 GB RAM, 750 GB harddrive and it runs on WIN10 home

My problem is that the PC completely shuts down after exactly 30 minutes.

- It's not overheating. Speedfan shows 42-47 degrees when running and it still turns off.
- I've tried with another harddrive and a 4 GB memory chip but it still turns off.
- Shutting down on both battery and charger.
- The BIOS is also updated to the newest realese.

I'm thinking a motherboard faulty here. Is it possible that the mainboard does not support the CPU and that it's a timer that shuts down the system after 30 minutes ?

Any suggestions anyone ?

Well before going all hardware replacement, which can obviously get costly, I would try software issues first.

1. Check the system for viruses, malware, etc. Shockingly they can cause this.

2. Check the computers power settings. ("Control Panel", "Power Options", "Change plan settings", "Change advanced power settings") Go through the whole list of options and see if anything at all is on a setting other than what you want. Once you are done click "Apply" and then click "OK". Make sure you do this for when on the battery and the charger.

3. Check for hardware changes. ("Control Panel", "Device Manger")

4. Check for driver updates. ("Control Panel", "Device Manger")

5. If this only recently started, and didn't start doing it from the moment you got the device, try restoring the system to a point just before the problem started.

6. Check the battery. Yes, I know you said it happens even when you are on the charger, but with some laptops, if the battery is having issues it will shut down or not run, even when the charger connected.

7. Should all the above not get you results, then I would look at testing the motherboard.
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