Asus battery not charging, immediately turns off when disconnected

Mar 8, 2018
Hey guys,

I bought new battery for my laptop (asus K52JC). But the battery is stuck at 89% and doesnt go up even if laptop is turned off. When I disconnect the power it immediately turns off. It works just fine I can boot with or without the battery and it works fine, but when I disconnect the power it just immediately dies, even when it says 89% charged. Ive tried different power adapter but it didnt help, so my last chance is to ask here.
OS: Windows 7
Thanks in advance for help

Some battery pictures:
( And sorry if my english is terrible xD )
Hi, it's as if the charging circuit on the motherboard is faulty, even with a new battery, the charging circuit will not charge the new battery. To confirm this, you will have to take several voltages on the motherboard.
Sounds like main board malfunction. We've seen the same symptoms here (rarely), and it has always warranted a motherboard repair or replacement.

A local shop (not a big box retailer) might be able to fix it. If not, they - or you, if you're comfortable with it - will have to replace the main board.
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