Aug 4, 2016
Hello guys , how are you ?

So i have this problem with my Asus F550C laptop , it was running just fine when suddenly it started giving the bluescreen of death error.

I decided to restore it and delete everything , i did it and this happened.

So now the laptop starts , if i do not press anything it gets stucked at the loading screen .
If i open the bios and do any operation the same thing happens .
If i go the the restore or troubleshoot the laptop it gets stuck in a blue screen for like 10 minutes and then restarts and get stucked again on the loading screen.

So ,basically , no matter what i do i get ridirected to the loading screen where the pc loads forever .

Anyone had this problem ? Can i solve it by myself or should i send it to asus so they repair it?

Thank you for your time and sorry if i made any mistakes ( Its been a while since i wrote something in english)