Question ASUS fx553vd gaming problem

Apr 30, 2020
While playing csgo, temperature increases to 85 degrees and the game lags very badly, i have tried maximising the fan speed but it doesnt help, rather gets slower and warmer. Any solution? tia


Mar 9, 2019
For the computer optimization and computer acceleration methods I can think of, please refer to it.
  1. Periodically, use Master Lu and other software to measure the temperature of the computer. If the temperature is too high, it will cause the computer to run slowly. It is possible that the internal fan is damaged. Clean the dust in the computer and shut down the desktop. After that, open the case and blow it with cold wind.
  2. Poor computer configuration, try to set the virtual memory as large as possible, (xp) right-click on my computer properties advanced performance ... where settings advanced change
In the custom setting, set to 2000-4000
(win7) Computer-Properties-Advanced System Settings-Performance Settings- "Advanced" Tab-Virtual Memory-Change-Choose the drive c drive to be set, select the system management size or select the custom size-setting-OK as needed
  1. The antivirus software installs a small amount of resources, or only installs an auxiliary antivirus software.
  2. Set the ip as static ip as much as possible, which can reduce the time when the computer is turned on and the reflection time after entering the desktop. (cqjiangyong summary: Many people are unable to move the first few minutes after the computer is turned on for this reason)
  3. Don't put too many files and icons on the desktop of the computer, which will slow down the computer's response. Try not to install the software on the C drive.
  4. Close some startup programs. Start-run-enter msconfig-OK-click "start" in the "System Configuration Utility" window-start, in addition to the input method (Ctfmon), anti-virus software, general programs can be turned off. You can also use software such as 360 to intelligently optimize startup acceleration.
  5. It is recommended that only one main anti-virus software be installed, and multiple installations will occupy computer resources and make the computer slower.
  6. Regularly defragment the defragmented disk and open my computer. The drive to defragment the disk—Properties—Tools—Select the defragmented disk to open the “Disk Defragmenter” window—Analysis—Defragmentation—the system begins to defragment.
  7. The current system occupies a relatively large amount of memory. If necessary, adding more memory will be much faster.
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