Asus G53JW screen replacement problem


May 29, 2013

I’m having problems with screen replacement.

I have recently replaced my laptop screen, on Asus G53JW, and I'm having problems making it support 3D. It seems that the new screen does not support 3D or just incompatible with my laptop (or something else).

The screen itself is working fine, but if I enter nVidia control panel, I don't see required submenu called "Stereoscopic 3D"(picture). If I try to run nVidia 3D vision setup wizard, I even get a message saying "Nvidia 3 Vision features are not enabled....."(picture).

If I put back my old screen, I get back the menu (pic), and can even successfully run the 3D setup wizard.
I have tried different drivers, both the one I've got with the laptop, some little old ones, and the latest ones. None of them had any effect.

Do you know what it can be? Is it simply the incompatibility issue? (Before the purchase, a seller on ebay said it will be fully compatible.)
I have found an alternative screen (by searching using p/n), do you think that one will work?

I kindly ask you to advice on this matter. Maybe there is something I have missed...:??:

Any help would be welcome :)

P.s. some details:
Model: G53J
MB Ver: G53JW

Screen p/n: (don’t know which one of this is the part number, probably the one starting with CLA…)
Chungwa, CLAA156WA07A

The screen I’ve bought:

The screen that might be compatible:
Your graphics card (according to the specs I saw, which showed this has a GTX 460M) supports 3D, and the screen looks like it should as well (advertised as such and uses the common 40 pin connector, which I'm guessing is an LVDS cable).

You've installed the latest driver, right? You need that and you need the 3D Vision driver as well, which is a separate package (same drivers download page on NVidia's site; just select 3D Vision for notebooks from the drop down menu).


May 29, 2013

Yes, as I said before, I have tried different drivers versions, none of them work. :( btw, 3D Vision drivers come together with the GPU drivers. moreover, if I switch back to my old panel, I get back all the 3D functions (3D vision etc), so its not drivers to blame (I guess)

Any chance you have an external 3D monitor that you can access temporarily to test? If I recall correctly, the 3D vision options will only show up in the NVidia utility when the system detects a 3D capable screen/projector (so it's a little concerning that your NVidia Control Panel is not showing it).


Aug 13, 2013
Hei,im from Germany and my English is not the Best.And this Thread is old.But i have exactly the same Issue with the G53JW.
Ive buyed one LCD for this Laptop from Vancouver and another one from Great Britain.The Serial numbers from this 2 Screens are exactly the same as the origial one.But no one works with 3d Vision anymore.the Driver says that this Displays are not 3D Vision Kompatible.Nvidia Says that this is a ASUS Problem.And ASUS is very XXX in this Point.They say only,i have to send te Laptop to ASUS,Repair for Money.
I have no Solution for this Problem?But i think this is a Problem With the EDID File on the new LCD.i think Asus is Flashing a special EDID File on the
LCD EPROMS.I dont knowis very complicated.
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