ASUS G73JW Overheats and dies


Aug 15, 2016
Hello! I own a G73JW, suddenly it started to freeze and shutdown suddenly when in a non-AC area. I am in florida, and it's like 85-90F outside. Running HW monitor, i see my CPU at 72Celsius at high stress levels and 64Celsius idling. But here's the strange part. Doing the same stress levels in a cool room get's me the same CPU and GPU temperatures for hours without shutting down. I already replaced the ram memory and added a SSD. Blew the fan exausts several times and still no resolution.

I really dont know what else to check. idling outdoors will cause problems, but running stress tests in a cool room for hours don't.

could it be something else overheating that is not monitored in HW monitor? like the battery, Ac Power supply , internal Hard Drive ( old one ) ??
It may not be the temp but the humidity that is the problem. I lived in FL for about 14 years and noticed that many devices do not like the humidity.