ASUS G74s sever system lag while using VoIP


May 19, 2011
Hi everyone. Time to activate my account once again. :)

So... I have this ASUS G74s for two years now and I've had this problem (more of an annoyance really) since I bought it. It works perfectly beside this, let's be clear. Anyway, when using Mumble, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, C3... it works normally for a random length of time (sometimes it's 10 minutes and sometimes 10 hours), and then I get severe system lag. Robotic stuttering voices, distorted sound, drastic decrease in system performance, much slower mouse speed etc... At that moment only fix is a reboot.

Now what I've tried is reinstalling pretty much any driver I could get my hands on from official page, change the VoIP application, change the speakers to USB based headphones (from standard headphones), remove all peripherals... I am just out of ideas. This happens ONLY when using those VoIP applications... Without that it worked for a week without as much as a hiccup...

If anyone has any ideas I would be eternally grateful.