Asus gl552vw-dh71 Factory Reset not working - Spinning White Dots on Black Background


Aug 31, 2010
Ok I just recently purchased a asus gl552vw-dh71 laptop from a seller.

The person had various files and programs and because I don't know what they were using the laptop for I figured it would be a safe bet to just factory restore the laptop.

I tried to use enter the factory reset mode on the laptop by pressing F9 after powering the laptop on. After numerous attempts nothing happened.

So I logged into Window 10
Went to Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Clicked Recovery -> Advanced Startup and restarted the laptop

The system rebooted and entered into WinRE.

From blue WinRE screen I selected troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Remove all apps and Data. The laptop was ready and I prompted it to begin the restore.

The laptop got to 43% after 3 hours and seemed to be frozen.

Then a black screen appeared saying configuration change was requested to clear this computer's tpm Press esc or F12 to accept.

Having never seen this screen I went to google search but as I was searching the PC just restarted.

Then as it rebooted it started checking the disk for errors. I watched as this happened. It got to 100% checking disk integrity c: and then froze.

I powered off the laptop at this point as nothing was happening and now when I boot the laptop it goes past the asus logo to a black screen with many dots spinning in a circle. I wait and wait and wait just keeps spinning.

Not sure what to do here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Aug 31, 2010
Ok the laptop was not working because it seems I had wireless usb mouse connector plugged in.

Once I removed the connector the laptop appears to have factory reset itself and prompted me to enter all the necessary information required during a new Windows 10 setup.

Everything completed and I am able to login in now.

However after entering my password to login it takes about 10 to 13 seconds to reach the desktop. And then another 30 to 60 seconds to load everything. Any idea what could be causing this?
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