Question Asus i7-7700HQ 2.8 Slow Performance / Freezing

Mar 18, 2019
I bought this ASUS Laptop i7-7700HQ 2.8Ghz, with 12GB memory (with Geforce GTX 1050) thinking I would have high processor speed and memory for work, but that is not happening for a long time.
Someone recommended because it's used often by gamers, and they require lot of memory and processor, therefore good for work as well.

I don't play games, neither have any game installed. I have no weird background processes running, neither virus or malware running (checked already).
Did recently a test on the two hard drives (one SSD), all seem good (checked with speedfan).

The only thing I work is mostly across google chrome, multiple processes, with 15-20 tabs at the same time. Nothing else more, once in a while iTunes, windows calculator, and once or twice a month adobe photoshop.
My main complain is random freezing, every hour I have like 10/15 freezing moments, for 4-5 seconds, just need to wait, and they all continues fine. But it drives me mad.
I have better performance on my old i3 or i5.

Anyone can help me sort out this problem?
Thanks in advance!
With so much open, and it being in Chrome, that alone can cause you issues.

Chrome saves everything, so that all cookies, history, cache, etc., is there and opening with it. If you do not clear these out, and also do not reboot the computer regularly (power it off and back on) this can lead to such problems.

Especially with the lack of rebooting or just turning it off, this can lead to less and less resources available as just closing a program doesn't give you back and the resources you had before opening it. That doesn't happen unless you actually shut down the device.

Try rebooting (or just shutting down) more often and look into clearing out your Chrome. Just be sure you save what you want/need before doing so.
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