Asus laptop wont charge and turn on


Sep 16, 2016
Si i Have this asus laptop , I ve had it for a Year now. One day , ass usual i pluged in my charger but suddenly power went down in that room so i mooved to another room and tried to plugged it in but it didn't work . So i got another charger ( It's not an asus one but it has the same output numbers ) But it doesn't charge , i had that " Plugged in charging 0% avaible " But it works just like it had no battery . So i took it to someone to fix it But he couldn't so when he returned my computer it didn't wanna even start i tried to turn it on without battery but it didn't work . The next day i randomly took my laptop and plugged it in and it worked for like 5 sec then in went down . I don't know what s the problem , Help me Pls , What is my problem and what should i do ?