Asus Laptop won't charge correctly


Sep 12, 2013
I currently have an Asus N65VJ laptop. It works fine most of the time but when i go to play a game e.i. League of Legends or Sims (any full screen game) the charge is erratic. Because of this I end up using more battery than the speed it charges and it eventually dies. Any suggestions? Its not my charger, I have tried others and the same thing happens.


Sep 11, 2013
Possibly a bad battery or one bad cell in it. It could be putting more load on the charger than normal and the charger can't keep up.

You might also try doing a battery charge calibration. Do a keyword search for your particular laptop model to find out how. Usually, you charge the battery all the way, then let it run all the way down until the computer shuts off. Be sure to turn off the feature that automatically shuts off the computer before the battery is totally discharged. It needs to completely run out of power. Then let it charge for a long time, like 12 hours or so. Again, check for your particular computer so it gets done correctly.

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