Asus or Lenovo


Aug 18, 2013
Which one better asus or lenovo? In terms of life span, heat, and durability? Because I'm having a bad experience with asus, I've asus laptop a42ja series, with intel i5 and it died completely after 2 years, it even got bluescreen hardware problem when I just bought it within 3 months. I'm considering buying an amd laptop. Budget about 400-600$. With a spec that can play at a game like Terra, with no heat problem maybe? Thanks


Sep 20, 2009
Well im not an expert but ASUS is better at the life span, heat and durability than Lenovo. Also it depends how well you take care of your laptop.

I've an ASUS (X53U) which has been with me for around 2 years now, and even though it sucks im still happy with it. Its still cool thanks to the icecool technology it never heats up. Also, i bought an Lenovo G580 for about 1 week ago, it was great, fast, cool (didnt heat up), quiet, BUT it had one problem that many had... the wireless card. It was waay to weak compared to my ASUS i have now and it always disconnected from my wi-fi. so after 4 days i returned it. Since that day i will not buy an Lenovo anymore no matter how great they are, But hey thats just me and there is other models which may work.

Bottom line, I think ASUS is better but Lenovo isn't that bad either atleast its much better than HP and ACER.

Also which intel i5 did you have??