Asus RMA experiences?


Aug 14, 2007
Anyone got any exprerience with RMA'ing ASUS laptops (In the UK)? My headphone jack completely fell apart, through normal use. They replied saying "accidental damage is not covered and will incur a charge".

Anyone know what the chances are of convincing them it was accidental?

Also if they decide it was abuse will they give me the choice to not have it fixed or just fix it and invoice me (probably for a new motherboard)?

There's some other issues with it too, there's occasional graphics corruption when coming out of sleep, the system date changes itself if the battery runs out, not just to the manufacture date but it jumps ahead weeks at a time, and I think the left mouse button is on the way out. Are any of these major enough to justify a warranty repair? My warranty runs out at the end of the month.

And what's the turnaround time like?

Sorry for all the questions but the only way I can communicate with them is through the RMA form and they didn't give me any info in their email.


Oct 9, 2006
I'm in the RMA process right now with my eee netbook, granted I am in Canada but I can't figure that the procedures or processes would be that much different. With issues as you're experiencing I'd say those are substantial enough to warrant a warranty repair. The headphone jack they could class as accidental maybe everything else you describe should be covered under a standard warranty. I've heard some horror stories but my RMA appears to be going smoothly so I'll report back if there are any troubles you should be aware of.

EDIT : 08/12/11 my machine is shipping back to me today I will report hopefully tomorrow evening with it's status as to whether it's repaired or not

EDIT 09/12/11: machine arrived via UPS this afternoon in perfect working order with a brand new screen. experience was pain free other than having to fetch a copy of my invoice which irked me. turnaround from when I shipped it to them to it arriving back to me was under 72 hours


Oct 2, 2012
Hi everyone,

This is my RMA story.

Every third ASUS laptop is DIFFECTIVE.

I had a custom Asus gaming laptop G51JX-3DE/G60JX ($2351) from I can’t say I have it because it has already been in the Asus repair station for more than 2 months and I don’t know when I will get it back. My RMA status is still the same: "Waiting-[WB1] Wait for Material/Spare Parts". I emailed the Asus representative Mr. Tien Phan and got the response that the issue with my notebook was duplicated, and it was currently at a repair station waiting for the necessary parts to come in.
Because of that I began to initiate some action and look at what I could dig up.
If you look at the Asus website you will see that now it only has 2 gaming laptops G75VW (17’) and G55VW (15’), but there were a dozen different models in 2010.
My friend’s computer market analyst said that the Asus repair station is piled up with defective laptops, transformers, tablets. Almost every third ASUS laptop is DIFFECTIVE.
Since 2008 Asus started to produce their own laptops in huge amounts, though previously it was focused on the production of motherboard and other components. The range of its products increased in many times. They tried to compete even with Apple (Zenbook, Pads). But the Asus team just can’t compete with Steve Jobs’ team. As a result the quality of Asus products begins to fall dramatically. Asus Customer Service just can’t cope with the avalanche of custom claims.

Unfortunately, the quality of the motherboards – diamond in Asus crown – became worse compared to what it was before 2010. I built three rigs with Asus motherboards, last one is P6X58D Premium and I am satisfied with their quality. But now days are different.

Now we need to think seven times before buying an Asus laptop.

Having every third ASUS laptop DIFFECTIVE is too much.