Mar 11, 2017
I recently installed Windows 10 on HP Laptop with HP drivers, then I hot swapped the drive to the laptop. The installation went smoothly, but ever since I restarted the laptop it just restarts and shows a black screen (fans are working, windows is working). Then I hot swapped the drive again to the HP one and installed a new os, then I put it again to the ASUS laptop and it went smoothly, it booted to the windows and I decided to reset it, but sadly the issue happened again. I'll do this again and this issue will happen again.

What's the problem?
Aug 20, 2018

Reset your bios manually by disconnection a red and black wired small white jack in front of the wifi card. The BIOS battery on mine is blue covered with wires soldered to it. Its not your normal 2032 BIOS battery. you have to remove the main back cover, not the entire chassis cover. leave it to discharge about 3 minutes. then reconnect it. If you corrupted the bios, you will have to reinstall the OS in order to boot again.