ASUS ROG GL552VX shuts down right after turning on.

Jun 28, 2018
Hi guys, so my laptop ASUS ROG GL552VX is having a problem since quite long ago, which is the power button is broken, I need to spam the power button for a few minutes or even hours worst, like what happened earlier today. Actually I know this would happen so I never shut down my laptop and only put it to sleep mode, but today I unplugged the charger, because I need to go somewhere and it runs out of battery so it died. After fighting for hours to turn it on, it finally turned on but then got shutted down right after. Strangely, at the moment the laptop can be turned on the power button seems to be working fine for a few minutes, but yet mt laptop kept shutting down right after it.

Once it went through the login screen but when I wanted to input my password, it died again. Another strange thing happened a few minutes after, the laptop is looping by itself (reboot -> shutdown -> reboot -> shutdown) for a few times then stopped. I no longer can work with the power button, and I realized that if I apply a vibration near my touchpad, the laptop reboots again, then instantly died as you expected. But this touchpad mechanism is constantly working until this moment.

Last thing to mention, if I tap the touchpad in the right position it will turned on, then I close the lid to see what happen. And what happened is the laptop continues to boot up, until after a few second I open the lid again and the laptop runs longer than it used to be (a few minutes). But still it dies anytime soon.

Do you have any idea what's going wrong here, I am pretty sure it's not software problem because right before this, there is no single problem that leads up to sudden shut down, and I didn't install any new software or whatever.
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