ASUS U46e-Bal5 - Replacement Batteries


Jul 9, 2010
I need a spare (eventual replacement) battery for my U46e. The specs on it: 14.4v 5200mAh 74wh. Battery model: A42-U46

Its the same battery as the one used in the u56e-RBL7.

I believe the stop battery is a 6 cell but see 8 cell batteries advertised.
BUT, I haven't been able to find any orginal ASUS batteries. Odd, I can find original batteries for Dell and HP.... Is ASUS that specialized a market?

Any advice?

Or has anyone used any particular OEM brand or sources with success?

Being in grad school, it can be nearly a day before I see AC power.

Thanks for the help in advance.



Jun 14, 2011
It's fairly normal to not be able to find a brand made battery after 2-3 years. Dell is the one exception as they make a lot of money with their overpriced brand batteries.

Many (dare I even say Most) aftermarket batteries come with extra cells as a selling point. They tend to be cheaper, and have a longer life than the stock batteries, and they work just fine.

As for brands it is kinda hard to tell. There are a ton of battery refurbishers out there, and they often make their money and then go out of business. I would try and find a shop that has been arround a few years, and has some form of guarentee or warranty on the product. I have even gone so far as to buy batteries over seas in England (or was it in europe?), paid the duty taxes and such. They had free 5 day shipping (overseas lol), a larger than stock capacity, 2 failures from an order of ~60 batteries which is pretty good in my book, and they were still 1/2 the cost of the replacement cost for a stock battery (in my case for Everex). But, as expected, the company went out of business pretty quickly, but at least the batteries work fine in the school they are at!


Jul 9, 2010
Only problem is that this model of battery is used in current machines. And the U46E is still on the market in upgraded forms. So it's looking like no mfgr support for their current products. Unless anyone knows a reputable battery mfgr.

I like Pwr+ for AC adapters. Someone has to have quality batteries.
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