ASUS UX31A touchpad refuses to work (i8042.prt / msmouse.inf)

Jan 26, 2019
I've had my laptop for many years and the touchpad hasn't worked in many years too. One day I booted up my laptop and the touchpad just stopped working. The errors I get...

What I've tried...

Reinstall Drivers and Windows
Tried different drivers
Tried to reinstall Smart Gesture
Added a "Headless" with DWORD value 0 in Registry b/c this worked for some people

Bought new touchpad from EBAY and installed it
Replaced ribbon cable connecting touchpad to mobo

As you can tell from the solutions I've tried, I'm desperate. I've done everything I could think of and I can say for sure that it's not a hardware related problem because the touchpad is being detected but won't work because of some error in device manager that makes the touchpad basically useless. I also called Asus support and they said it can cost upwards to $650 to repair this and at that point, I would just get a new laptop, the problem being, I'm broke af right now. I've been on IVANRF's blog and tried EVERY SINGLE solution, none worked. When I try to install smart gesture now (which is Asus's touchpad software), it says something about windows installer package not working (in the image below). If anyone can come up with a solution to this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. As a computer hardware enthusiast myself, this touchpad problem has completely stumped me.

Jan 26, 2019

No, I've seen that setting before when Smart Gesture was working properly and I've never set it to were the trackpad turns off when an external mouse is plugged in/present.
Jan 26, 2019
My bad, I didn't mean to down vote Saga Lout, I was on my phone and while reading I accidently tapped on it.

About the question however, I did make sure the touchpad drivers were uninstalled when I resetted to the hardware (ribbon cable)
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